I have a Master of Arts degree in Dance from Université Paris 8, with feminist- and critical dance pedagogy and argentine tango as my areas of specialization. Right now I continue my education at Stockholm University College of Music Education (SMI) and Stockholm University of the Arts (DOCH), where I study creative/contemporary dance,  improvisation, choreography and dance didactics. 
        I also have a bachelor in political science with specialization in political sociology and discrimination. My background in between the arts and social sciences has led me to develop a special interest in community arts, participatory learning processes and feminist practices in relation to dance. 

I've been teaching different social dances with a norm-critical gender/queer-pedagogic approach since 2010. I've been working within popular adult education, feminist- and LGBTQ organizations & communities and cultural venues in Sweden, Denmark, France and Spain. Since more recently I also teach various dance styles to children and young people, today at the Stockholm Community School of Music and Arts (Kulturskolan). 

In the last years I’ve been DJ'ing and organizing milongas, practicas and classes at Tango Queer Paris, founded by Miranda Lindelöw in 2011. Currently I'm co-organizing Milonga Queerida at Bagarmossens Folkets Hus. I discovered the argentine tango in 2011 and had my tango training in Paris, Buenos Aires and Sweden with teachers such as Sandrine Navarro, Gisela Passi & Rodrigo Rufino, Brigitta Winkler, La Academia Tango Milonguero and DNI Tango Stockholm.
I've been continously practicing different dance techniques, as well as other artistic forms since I was a child. I've also been exploring various somatic disciplines such as yoga, Pilates, Feldenkrais, Body-Mind Centering etc. I bring this investigation in body awareness and movement analysis into my dancing and teaching.

Professionnal experience / Dance teacher

Kvinnohöjdens feministiska kurs- och gästgård, Borlänge/Sweden (ongoing since 2010. facilitator of summer courses in tango)

ABF Stockholm/Sweden (ongoing since 2019. tango teaching)

Studieförbundet Bilda, Stockholm/Sweden
(ongoing since 2019. tango teaching)

Tangoföreningarna Tango NorteTango BeGeer, Stockholm, Norrköping/Sweden (2019-2020. tango teaching)

Entréskolan, estetisk grundskola, Stockholm/Sweden
(2020. teaching in contemporary/creative dance, teaching /elaboration of annual entrance audition)

Wiks folkhögskola, Uppsala/Sweden (2019. tango teaching and DJing)

Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, Stockholm/Sweden
(2019. tango training with actors)

Sweden Sports Academy, Sweden
(2019. teaching in various dance styles for children 2-12 years)

Queer Tango Paris/France (2014, 2017. tango teaching and DJing, organization of milongas and practicas and collaboration with international guest teachers)

Kvindekurser (Kvindehøjskolen), Visby/Denmark
(2016. teaching in various social dances)

RFSL, Stockholm/Sweden (2010-2012. salsa teaching)

Fårösunds folkhögskola, Gotland/Sweden
(2010. teaching in salsa and lindyhop)

Kulturhuset Blå stället, Gothenburg/Sweden (2010. salsa teaching)

Various social dance workshops in Sweden, France, Spain



Contemporary Dance Didactics (30*), Choreography (7.5), Dance for Children and Youth (7.5)
DOCH - Dans och Cirkushögskolan, Stockholm/Sweden

Creative Dance 1 (10), SMI - Stockholms Musikpedagogiska Institut, Stockholm/Sweden


Master of Arts - Dance, Université Paris 8/France (120)
Thesis: Exploring the Notion of Feminist Pedagogy in Dance
(original language french)

Areas of study: movement analysis & somatic studies, analysis of corporeal practices, dance theory and history,
choreographic aesthetics, arts- and practicebased research

Intensive Introduction course to Laban Movement Analysis - Effort/Shape system
Conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de danse de Paris 


Bachelor of Political Science - specialization Political Sociology and Discrimination, Université Paris 8/France (180) 

Dramatic Arts, University of Södertörn, Stockholm/Sweden (60)  

Fine Arts Education, Wiks folkhögskola, Uppsala/Sweden (1 year)

*university credits